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Transformed lives. Transforming communities.

TRANSFORMATION It is a word that describes radical change. The dictionary defines it as change in form, appearance, nature, or character. Signifying a deep lasting internal change. A change of the kind that is hard to miss and harder to ignore.

The Bible is replete with examples of such inside-out transformation. From ancient heroes of faith to every apostle of Christ to His disciples down the ages, one testimony binds them all like an unbroken silver strand running through the centuries - "I once was lost but now am saved."

"Our primary responsibility is to love Jesus. The action is the outcome. If I am Christ centred, then I will act accordingly. I will bear fruit." - Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa, Mumbai Diocese

MUMBAI DIOCESE - THE MISSIONARY DIOCESE The story of the Mumbai Diocesan Mission Board is a story of transformations. The desire to see everyone experience the abundance of life that God intends for humankind caused evangelists to fan out across Maharashtra and Gujarat to proclaim the Gospel. Not only has this Holy Spirit-driven movement, among the underprivileged population, the power to change individual lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ, but also to transform the surrounding culture.

The work of the Mumbai Diocesan Mission Board is then a chronicle of the deep work of the Holy Spirit in building communities of people released from the bondage of addictions, violence, demon possession and idol worship. Free to realise their God-given potential.

DIOCESAN SCHOOLS In order to spread the light of education among the under­privileged and backward regions of Maharashtra and Gujarat; the diocese is running four schools.

The schools are run under the name of "St. Thomas English Medium School" -
  1. St. Thomas English Medium School, Surat, Gujarat
  2. St. Thomas English Medium School, Vapi, Gujarat
  3. St. Thomas English Medium School, Ahwa, Gujarat
  4. St. Thomas English Medium School, Kamshet, Lonavala

They are being managed by able and experienced administrators under the overall supervision of the Diocesan Episcopa.

SERVE THE UNREACHED Our obedience to Jesus Christ and the command to love our neighbour compels us to:

1. Proclaim the good news to the unreached in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa that Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and was raised from the dead, now offers the forgiveness of sins to all who repent and believe.

2. Go and make disciples.

3. Share God's concern for justice and righteousness by striving to spread it in the midst of an oppressive and unrighteous culture

4. Care for the holistic development of the least and the lost.

THE SPREADING FLAME It started out in the mid-nineties as a burden to reach the people in the hamlet of Bhoychepada, Thane district, by members of the Borivali parish. Almost simultaneously similar sparks set off in other parishes across Mumbai. Villages in Thane, Pune and Vidharbha presented opportunities for the Mar Thoma Church to demonstrate the love of God. Today, the burden to serve the underprivileged covers over 250 villages in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Educating the underprivileged is one of the greatest challenges where we must involve and uplift them today. We consider education as a robust force to empower people, change the course of history, a tool to bring socio-political and economic transformation. Shanti Niketan Ashram, Karuna Niketan Ashram Gadchiroli, Krupa Niketan, Chandrapur, Ashraya Hostel Sindhi Viheri, Daya Niketan, Nalasopara are the five hostels.

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